from Rolling Up — three stories

I thought perhaps you might like to know a little more about my stories in Rolling Up. There are nine altogether, and you can read the first one on the site. Here’s a brief description of three more. I hope it will entice you to have a read.


A disadvantaged American girl joins the military in hopes of finding a way out of her limited life prospects. She finds herself stationed in Abu Graibe prison in Iraq, however, recruited by a team assigned to soften prisoners up for questioning.

Negative Space

An adopted Canadian boy with an unknown past explores an artistic vision of his mother: a London chef fuses culinary traditions, tempted by the tastes of other cultures while forging a connection to his own. In an atmosphere of family discord, ethnic tension, and loss, two seemingly very different characters come together, making peace with the shifting, multifaceted nature of a modern identity.

Rolling Up

In this story, a novella, from which the name of the collection is drawn, a young woman searches for love and meaning in the increasingly devastated land of her youth. Moving through what is at once a euphoria inducing and disturbing landscape, from Robson Bight to the massive clear-cuts of northern Vancouver Island, she encounters fish farmers, researchers, gangsters, growers, and a natural world brimming with quiet guidance.

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