Rolling Up

People have been asking me what my soon-to-be published e-book, Rolling Up—stories by Michelle Buchanan, is about. Not being great at elevator pitches, I thought I’d post this, so, when the question is posed,  I can just grunt and point.

Set mainly on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, though reaching as far as London and Iraq, this set of stories navigates the internal and external landscape of a diverse group of characters. Sometimes rough and tumble, often bohemian, these voices struggle to make sense of a world without boundaries where the sacred is defiled, where trust is often betrayed, and where definitions of self crumble.

In Rolling Up, the story from which the title of the book is drawn, a young woman searches for love and meaning in the increasingly devastated land of her youth. In Tickling the Sear a peace activist turns soldier, while a soldier turns torturer in SMILE. A member of an independent film crew toys with desire in Making Mov(i)es. Two fringe dwellers find connection and face grim truths in The Shaman is Out. In Negative Space an Iranian-Canadian chef living in London grapples with his identity. In Going Under a long-term relationship falls into a slow demise, a working mother experiences inner conflict in Lunch and a Long Nap, and Best Friends, 1979 sees a teenage friendship forfeited.